To ensure providing customers with the best solutions and the most complete , we have been a partner providing solutions and products , technical services , maintenance services for the world leading informatic telecommunications manufacturers and company
Along with Cisco , Juniper is the largest maker of network equipment and the network security. Juniper is a leader of core routers, switching , network security technology.

ONE CORP has over 13 years as partner of Alcatel- Lucent , and is now Alcatel-Lucent Premium Partner in Vietnam , providing products and solutions for Alcatel-Lucent PBX , contact center , systems and equipment optical transmission , and data networks.

Avaya has acquired the entire parts of Nortel Enterprise including Voice and Data . ONE CORP partners currently rated Silver ( Silver ) by Avaya in Vietnam, provide solutions for PBX , contact center and data systems , safety and security of the network.
After the acquisition of the entire Optical and Carrier Ethernet Solutions of Nortel. ONE CORP has become major partners of Ciena/Nortel and be a silver grade partner only in Vietnam which provides solutions for optical transmission equipment and Metro Ethernet.
KEYMILE is the world most famous with multi-service access products in UMUX , MileGate DSLAM equipment brand. KEYMILE 's products have been used and appreciated in the system to work in harsh environments but requires high stability of EVN transmission systems , transmission systems for the Hai Van Pass Tunnel . ..
EATON offers world leading power supply source solutions with the Powerware brand name.
Professional manufacturer in the field of Media Gateway , VoIP ... , Audio Codes not appreciate the end users, but also the large equipment manufacturers such as Alcatel , Avaya , Cisco for their OEM product.
In addition, ONE CORP also cooperate and partner of many famoust branch name such as Microsoft , IBM , HP , DELL ..