The traditional enterprise model based on an all-important central headquarters and second-class satellite branches is over. Today’s enterprise footprint extends far beyond the corporate headquarters to globally distributed locations that encompass several branch locations, numerous remote offices, and even include home offices and mobile workers. As enterprises have grown more distributed, the networks have become more complex than ever before. Adding to the complexity is the number of business-critical applications that continue to proliferate with seemingly no slowdown in sight. Many locations simply do not have the bandwidth required to handle the added load due to the increase in online and heavy applications that are being employed. Because these applications and access
to critical data are essential, both must be reliable, fully functional, and provide the same level of availability, performance, and user experience regardless of the user location.

Our Enterprise Network Solutions enable IT services without boundaries by delivering consistent, high-performance connectivity, security, and management services across all workforce centers regardless of size or location. In addition, they maintain a razor sharp focus on reducing the overall total cost of ownership (TCO) of the networks.

Solution Benefis

Through a truly integrated solutions-based approach, we enable the enterprise to offer IT services without boundaries, delivering the following benefits:

  • By enabling seamless and secured collaboration capabilities between various audiences such as employees, partners, subcontractors, and outsourcers, each can share ideas and information in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. This in turn fosters an innovative, collaborative, and efficient environment that spans to any and all locations regardless of the geographic distances that may be involved.
  • By providing high quality and secure access to data and applications, the heterogeneous, highly distributed, and constantly mobile enterprise audience can continue to enjoy a positive user experience, achieving goals and contributing directly to the overall mission.
  • With trusted and highly available network services that scale to all locations, organizations can increase their agility in responding to new opportunities. Even in challenging times, enterprises are in a position to provide for the requirements of their existing customer base and at the same time remain poised to attract new customers.
  • In the current economic climate, nothing is as important as reducing TCO and delivering rapid ROI. The services (connect, secure, and manage) being delivered as part of our Enterprise Solutions not only provide the consistency, reliability, security, and efficiency needed for a high-performance network but also directly impact the bottom line—reducing both capital and operational costs.