Optical Transmision

For over 20 years, ONE CORPORATION has experienced consulting and implementation of transmission systems for service providers such as  VTN,  EVN, NPC3, Dong Nai Post Office ..

Benefits of optical transmission technology.

  • High-speed transmission: Speeds can  up to 100Gbit/s, suitable for the backbone network, the core network
  • Function add/drop simple: Compared with PDH network, SDH network easily add  low speed flows into the high-speed flows, and drop low speed flows out of high speed flows
  • The ability to meet high and consistent capacity: SDH network to meet customer requirements easily and quickly. These network elements are managed and controlled from the center
  • High reliability: SDH network with many different protective methods. Error a network element can not cause errors in the entire system.
  • As the foundation of future services: Right now, SDH networks were the foundation for the services POTS, ISDN, cellular ... It easily meets for video services, TV the promotion ..
  • Connect easily with other systems: SDH interface globally standardized, may incorporate many different elements in the same network and interact with other networks easily.
  • Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology ready to replace  SDH. This technology can transmit multiple wavelengths in the optical single mode fiber. Current can transmit 16 wavelengths, from 1520nm to 1580nm, so the transmission rate can reach up to 40Gbit/s and Beyond on an optical fiber.
  • From a LAN in the office become LANs scale in factory areas, industrial parks, office buildings, resort ...
  • Speed is no longer a few Megabits (Mbps), which became hundreds of Gigabit (Gbps).
  • Don’t worry about Surge Protection or direct impact on the system.
  • No attenuation over time, warranty quickly, troubleshoot quickly .

Currently, data services is increasing, along with the development of multi-service platforms (video, voice, data) makes the transmission network core is not comply about capacity and bandwidth for each user. The optical transmission network upgrade is an urgent matter. Understanding the difficulties of the operators, ONE CORP has not stopped efforts to find innovative solutions in the world, those solutions major breakthrough to be able to resolve the difficulties that the networks are encounter

ONE CORP is currently Partner of Alcatel-Lucent, ECI Telecom .. provides solutions to optical transmission systems

Alcatel-Lucent’s Transmission equipment  (ALU - http://www.alcatel-lucent.com)

ONE CORP is the official partner of ALU in Vietnam since 1998. Now, ONE CORP is the Premier Partner of ALU in Vietnam, providing products, systems integration and technical support for  ALU’s products

SDH ADM OMSN family meet all transmission requirements, from basic applications to applications for urban networks, distance of longhaul, ultralong-haul, shorthaul

OMSN family compatible with various transmission equipment  in the network, such as compatibility of optical interface standard, DCC channels  and network management ... Also can upgrade existing networks without affecting the operation of the network

 OMSN family is used for end systems, backbone  (MPLS, ATM, SDH, WDM), OMSN provides only management solution to manage all devices in the network. Example  1640FOX, 1650SMC, 1660SM, 1642EM, 1662 SMC, 1670SM, 1850TSS ...

ECI Telecom’s Transmission equipment (http://www.ecitele.com)

ECI Telecom is a telecommunications  provider  worldwide- ECI provides  telecommunications platform  solutions for providers, system operators, government organizations.  7/2010, ECI was elected as the leading position in the Indian transmission market by Infonetics Research, with 25% market shares of optic network hardware in this country.

OMLT Solutions and Apollo family  launch will overcome the "defects" of the optical transmission system using packet switching technology (P-OTS)

OMLT - Apollo is capable of meeting the demand for multi-service and solve the challenges : increased bandwidth, maintaining revenues from traditional services; Ensuring that services and capacity in the future, Maintaining and managing performance "type SDH" is reliable and simple.

NPT is the product of OMLT solution, supporting simultaneous services, TDM and require large bandwidth via Ethernet in an equipment only.

NPT family

Moreover, There are many ECI’s  products which also widely used in the market Vietnam as BG-20, BG-30, BG-64, XDM-100, XDM-900, XDM-1000, XDM-2000….