Hotels, Healthcare


Rapid evolutions in technology mean greater guest expectations. We helps hotels, resorts and cruise ships harness the power of connectivity to:

  • Enrich the Guest Experience
    • Guest expectations have never been as complex or intricately linked to connectivity as they are today. We have developed a suite of hospitality solutions that create a heightened and personalized experience for your guests.
    • Guests want a 360° personalized experience. With the touch of a screen, give them total control over their room and service booking. Our applications and interactive digital signage lets guests continue customizing their stay on the go
  • Reduce Infrastructure Costs
    • From small boutique hotels to cruise ships and large international hotel chains, we have tailored solutions to reduce and control network costs.
    • Our products Converged Network and Hosted Cloud Solutions can save your hospitality business money every year while delivering a new, simplified network architecture. Pay less, get more
  • Improve Hotel Operations
    • Solutions exist to improve hotel operations by simplifying communications, increasing transparency and implementing effective workflow management.
    • Boost productivity, improve service and make teamwork simple with mobility, video conferencing and workflow management solutions. Our multimedia reservation center is at the heart of efficiently run hotel operations


Today's healthcare operators must provide instant knowledge access and connect the right people at the right time. As a result, they improve response and increase the time caregivers spend with patients.

We work with healthcare providers to develop communications solutions and network infrastructure that improves the patient care pathway and delivers better resident care.

Enable more time for patient care

Healthcare providers face the challenge of enhancing patient care while improving operational efficiency and ensuring clinician satisfaction. We offer easy-to-use collaboration, mobility and systems integration tools to help you improve communication and save time, leaving it up to you to determine how and where you spend it.


  • Improve operational efficiency by optimizing clinical workflow
  • Provide more timely care by communicating crucial clinical information to team members anytime, anywhere
  • Offer mobile and virtual care delivery environments
  • Reduce overhead paging by using mobile communication tools
  • Enable care providers to spend more time with patients and less time running to the phone
  • Protect the health and security of professionals and patients by optimizing reactivity in case of incidents
  • Enhance clinician collaboration and satisfaction
  • Enhance patient care and satisfaction

Build a Business Without Borders

Today's healthcare providers are operating in a highly competitive environment with growing patient demand for mobile care. Successful businesses look to increase revenue by improving customer loyalty and market share, and reduce costs by improving efficiency and patient throughput. We can help you do both. Our scalable, flexible solutions streamline processes and improve staff effectiveness on and off hospital grounds.


  • Increase market share and revenue by improving patient loyalty and the efficiency of care delivery
  • Support increasing demand for mobile and virtual care
  • Improve patient care by communicating crucial clinical information to team members anytime, anywhere
  • Ensure the safety, security and privacy of confidential patient and medical information
  • Increase physician satisfaction and reduce their travel time

Communication Solutions for Senior Living Facilities

Improving Communications for Senior Care

A modern communications infrastructure can produce significant benefits for residents, staff and visitors in senior living facilities. We have a suite of solutions that can improve resident wellbeing, increase efficiency, generate more revenue, and help you differentiate from the competition.

Solutions for Assisted Living Facilities

We now expect to be able to access voice and data services no matter where we go. People affiliated with retirement communities are no different. More than half of online adults over 65 are on Facebook™[1] and want to keep in regular contact with their friends and family. Staff needs to be accessible to each other to coordinate care and ensure resident safety. Visiting health care professionals want access to remote patient files. And facility visitors appreciate being able to connect to the Internet when they spend time with loved ones.

We offer a range of communications solutions that will meet the needs and expectations of your residents, visitors and staff. Our open solutions are easy to deploy into existing infrastructure and are designed to scale along with your requirements and budget. 

Solutions for Nursing Homes

Providing the highest quality of care, while getting the most value from resources, is a top priority for nursing homes. Keeping your staff connected so they can remain mobile and respond quickly to residents’ needs is key.

Our solutions for Retirement Homes is a customizable communication solution specifically for elder-care facilities. It provides on-site mobile communications, improves responsiveness when patients need immediate attention, and increases staff productivity with a flexible, expandable system that is simple to use and easy to learn.