Quality Policy 
Quality management according to standards ISO 9001 : 2008 / ISO 9001 : 2008 . Quality Policy and is always accompanied by policies tied to training manuals , warranty , maintenance , upgrades increase the value used to ensure the system is always stable and develop maximize performance.
Policy of human resources development
Improve the quantity and quality of human resources , people- centered and the foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises. Create a dynamic working environment , friendly , learning , creativity and dedication. Ensure income and labor conditions for the promotion of their abilities , enthusiasm and desire to work long-term dedication to the business
Laborers work at the company are :
 - Ensure monthly income to stabilize their lives, enjoying part of business results of the company according to contribution levels to accumulate.
 - Enjoying the welfare , social insurance under the current regime and the regime has its own for themself and their family.
 - To benefit from the regime of training, learning , and encourage learning to improve themselves.
 - Encourage and facilitate enabled to become shareholders and participate in owning and operating the business.