Today's educators are faced with growing challenges to improve access to resources, enable lifelong learning and deliver services in new ways.

We enhances the learning experience for your students by making your classroom and online education tools more efficient. Our solutions widen access to resources in a cost-effective way, improve collaboration between institutions, and open new avenues for connecting knowledge.

Education Solutions – Safe Campus

As an educator, you face increasing pressure from parents, students, and regulators to secure your campuses. You may already implement standardized school lockdown procedures.

However, universities with open, expansive campuses, more transient populations, and a student body of legally adult citizens need more advanced emergency communications plans to create a safe learning environment.

Our Safe Campus solution is effective because it provides everything you need in three critical areas: Awareness, response coordination and campus notification. And it allows you to do this over your existing voice and data infrastructure with enhanced safety and security devices.

This results in a end-to-end communication infrastructure that can be used to support lockdown procedures, provide emergency notification, and integrate with building control systems to enable surveillance, delivery alarms and alerts and enhance the awareness and responsiveness of campus staff and security personnel.

Safe Campus benefits

  • Enables effective communications during safety and security events, natural disasters, business disruptions, or other emergencies
  • Improves awareness of potential security and safety situations
  • Integrates alert and notification with next generation IT infrastructure
  • Complies with regulatory mandates for safety and security
  • Enables interoperability with multiple parties and public safety personnel

Secure and Converged Campus

With increasing funding and budget cuts, educational institutes are faced with the challenge of balancing the need to attract and retain students/professors with next generation applications and the need to control cost. By leveraging today’s communication networks,

A converged network from us combines voice, data and video on one single network, creates a secure and reliable backbone for new IP-based services, while leveraging the existing infrastructure, thus significantly reduce telecommunications expenses.

Features of Secure and Converged Campus Networks

  • Fixed or mobile network infrastructure: implement a secure IP foundation that unites voice, video, data and mobility applications
  • Network management: use a centralized management system to monitor network activity, troubleshoot and maintain continuous communication across the network
  • Secure network access providing full visibility and control of network activity, protection of network assets and critical data. Identify and contain threats by implementing role-based access

Collaborative and Mobile Campus

The ability to communicate and collaborate anywhere and anytime is fundamental in education. Distance learning and e-learning are now a requirement for many districts and offers a competitive edge for universities and colleges. Faculty, students and administrative staff need to collaborate and share ideas across campus and even across the globe. Parents need to stay in touch with the students as well as their teachers.

We enable multi-media interactive learning experience in classroom or across distance, and increases administrative effectiveness with cost-effective Collaborative and Mobile Campus solutions.

Education Solution Features:

  • Virtual libraries: digitize library resources and distribute them using IP, enable secure access to centrally stored information from a wide range of mobile devices
  • Collaboration: blend voice, video and data technologies with application sharing. Secure instant messaging and presence awareness
  • Virtual interaction: enable virtual parent-teacher conferences, remote professional development and distance