Extra low voltage system

During the construction work, whether large or small scale are divided into two parts: construction and mechanical and electrical parts (M & E). Part of this electric motor includes numerous interrelated systems to form a complete block of activities for the project. One of the important system, Electrical system is lightweight.

Electric light system, also known as ELV (Extra Low Voltage System), although there is not too large proportion (10-20% of the project), but decided to rank the quality of the work, because hính electric light is essentially high-tech systems, have been developed and upgraded for the purpose and comfort for the user.

Depending on the size, nature and function of the building, ONE CORP provide basic lightweight power solution is as follows:

  • Building Management System (BMS / BAS): Used in systems integration in the works to manage and monitor the status of system engineering and automation management of works.
  • PBX System: Stay connected communication with the outside of the building. Include PBX system (PBX) and telephone (Telephone)
  • Data Networks (LAN, WAN) and Backbone 
  • Camera Surveillance System (CCTV): Used in security applications or security monitoring for construction
  • Public sound system (PA) and Early Warning (EWIS): Sound system of public notice, to disseminate the information, messages and messages as well as emergency announcements in the works. In addition, this system is capable of detecting the soundtrack BGM (Background Music) in the works.
  • Access Control System: System access control in buildings, manage the Doors as well as the elevator.
  • Fire Alarm System: The detection system and fire warning in the works. Sometimes this system of integrated Firemen Intercom System
  • Intrusion System: Anti-theft systems, intrusion prevention in the works
  • Car Parking System: Management system intelligent car park and automatic
  • Intercom systems: Intercom systems, applications in condominiums, associate managing elevator and parking. In hospitals often use a special kind Intercom system called Nurse call
  • Satellite TV system, cable and Internet (MATV, CATV, IPTV): The system can use the TV signal directly from the radio or through the television service provider with various HD standards.
  • Lighting Control Systems: Automated monitoring & control lighting system works
  • AV (Audio Video Visual): The system integrates images and sounds in the demonstrations, presentations ...
  • Registration Queue System (Queue system): Commonly used in hospitals, banking
  • Video Conferencing System 
  • Sound Systems Conference & Workshop: Includes conference system, which can combine interpreter in the conference room, the international conference center.
  • Master Clock System: The system central clock, time is used to synchronize all the clocks as well as all the system works according to one source in precise time. Commonly used in sports centers, stadiums, airports, ports, hospitals, headquarters offices, schools ...
  • MPDP system: The system displays the screen transplant
  • Traffic Camera System: Applications for monitoring the situation in the intersections, the state system of traffic control lights and speed control applications, or the case of traffic violations.
  • FIDS (Flight Information Display System): The system displays flight information, train. Is applied at the airport or subway station ...
  • Smart home systems (Smart Home): Comprehensive solutions such as intelligent lighting system, security alarm system, environmental monitoring systems, entertainment systems and multimedia utilities ... gives home owners the comfort, safety and energy savings.