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At the same time that we take note of the varying business objectives that drive organizations and their data centers, we also need to note the evolution of a rich mix of application architectures that must be supported in their own right, and in many cases are blended into mixed or tiered designs with a range of resulting flows. Some are strictly constrained to a narrow, necessary content mix; while others are more fluid and involve a varying mix of content and transaction types depending on user choice. For example, the most significant impact of SoA and Web 2.0 applications is the variability of traffic load and traffic patterns that both permit and often place demands on the network infrastructure. Without proper network planning, every new SoA or Web 2.0 mashup application is at risk of creating congestion, performance problems and even application failures. latency, jitter and packet loss effects are important predictors of UC and streaming services.

To successfully support a range of application types is a central requirement of data center architectures. Following are some of the key requirements that are emerging for businesses as they plan for the evolution of their application infrastructure and anticipate the impact of these changes on their data centers.


To an enterprise’s customers, partners and employees, business applications are the means to an end, the ability to obtain information, complete transactions, or perform a job. High performance is essential to employee productivity, customer satisfaction and the enterprise’s bottom line. Application response time is the most fundamental component of understanding application and data center network performance.


In existing computer and network environments, planning for growth and change is a costly and timeconsuming effort. A successful organization must be able to readily and cost-effectively scale business applications, even when capacity limits are reached within existing data centers.


In today’s mobile and volatile world, users now require access anywhere in the world, on virtually any type of computer and network connection, 24 hours a day. Enterprises must support access from corporate headquarters, branch offices, other business establishments, home offices, wireless hotspots and cellular networks throughout the world.


As the pace of global economic activity continues to accelerate, organizations must be able to respond quickly to changes in demand and other market conditions. Agility improves with the user’s ability to reprovision infrastructure resources rapidly and inexpensively. Business applications that support agility can help reduce time to market, strengthening the organization’s competitive position and increasing market share.

Availability and Continuity

No application is 100 percent failure proof. To protect an enterprise’s competitive edge, business applications must be at least as available as those of competitors, and productivity must not suffer when failures occur. Furthermore, when a disaster occurs, the organization should recover with minimal discontinuity, getting business applications online again quickly and ensuring that the associated user data is protected and available.


Security is a multifaceted concern that touches upon almost every aspect of the business landscape. Organizations must respond effectively to evolving threats that can compromise business data or interfere with application availability. They must ensure secure operations in shared environments and meet industry compliance and regulatory requirements. Business applications must also support guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs) and be consistent with stringent real-time requirements.


To help reduce opEx, the data center network should be orchestrated to simplify the management tasks associated with configuration, monitoring, maintenance and other administrative tasks.

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ONE CORP is the Elite Partner (highest level) of Juniper Networks in Viet Nam, we can provide to customers all of solutions as well as any product lines from Juniper Networks such as Switches (EX Series, QFX Series), Routers (MX Series, M Series, SRX Series, v.v…), Management (NSM, Junos Space). Data Center solution from Juniper Networks meet any requirements of a modern Data Center

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Juniper Switches for Any size Data Center

Introduction to Big Data - Infrastructure and Networking Considerations


Alcatel-Lucent offers to customers Data Center solutions with very low delay time, high interface density while remaining abilities to optimize user’s experiences, enhance management jobs, reduce cost. With Alcatel-Lucent Pod architecture for mid-size enterprise and Mesh architecture for large one, as well as hybrid and private cloud computing, Application Fluency Network is an evolution of Data Center

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Alcatel-Lucent Application Fluency in the Data Center  


With Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture (VENA), Distributed Top-of-Rack convertes the components of Data Center from fixed form to dynamic, more inteligent, lower delay time, no more bottleneck, faster response time. DC solution of Avaya allows to optimize traffic moving between servers, improve application performance and reduce cost

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Avaya VENA Fabric Connect

Avaya VENA Distributed Top-of-Rack



HP (

ONE CORP is partner with IBM/Lenovo, Dell, HP. We can provide to customers all of computing and storage solution which meets every requirements.


Emerson is the leading solution provider for Power (UPS, DC), Cooling, KVM, Rack, Infrastructure Management


AMP is the leading in the world in providing cabling solution (copper, optical), Rack, Patch Panel